UC Admissions Change

Few days ago, I read an AP article “New UC Admissions Policy Angers Asian-Americans” published in CBS News. As a Vietnamese-American, I have no problem with new UC admissions policy. With new policy, as a parent, I don’t need to spend $20 for each subject test. Two SAT subject tests cost $40. My kid will not need spend time to study for SAT subject test. The Ivy League Colleges do not ask for two SAT subject tests, why UC bother?

The money and time save from SAT subject test will use for better SAT Reason test. SAT Reason test is required by most of universities in the nation. You’re make money by saving.

Change or not change, my kids always have a chance to get in UC if they want. They are hardworking student. It’s not a big deal. No fear. Be careful when listen to community leader. Look into the fact.



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